“We understand that our success depends on that of our clients, and that mutual benefits can be achieved through our partnership”

Our affiliate buying groups have an estimated turnover of £750 million end user sales that comprise its collective force, so we are well placed to provide incredible savings to our customers. DPS is run by Phil Moran who has been the Managing Director since its formation in September 2005 and has worked extensively in the purchase supply industry in the United Kingdom since 1991. Phil has spent his entire career in the expense reduction industry, holding key management, sales and facilities positions in the Office Equipment sector, specialising in supply automation. He has managed teams in many regions during his career, and has an especially keen understanding on the release of unnecessary operational cost burdens for clients of all sizes.

The team at DPS are familiar with the pitfalls that accompany the purchasing process, and are aware of how time consuming and frustrating the buying mechanism can be. We aim to show you how we can manage your supply chain efficiently, which by return gives you savings, and more time to concentrate on your core business. We do not charge any fees for our cost consultancy or take a cut of the savings we make for you. We simply invoice you for the products and services we supply, while still retaining a sufficient margin and effectively managing the supply chain.